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Hello everyone,

This is my first post for Crazy Online Gamerz. I want to first let everyone know that I started this Blog site to talk about games and give my opinions on games that i like and dislike. Also I want to see what your think. I am currently working on getting some videos posted and getting setup my live stream setup.

For my first post I am going to post a blog i posted a couple years ago on MMORPG.com. I still feel the same way even with the new games that have been released in the last few years. Please read this blog and comment on it. Let me know what you think. Also feel free to follow us or follow our twitter. We will start posting blogs and videos from time to time. Have fun and ill see you later Gamerz.

Are MMO's Dying?

I sit here and remember the good old days when I would be excited to come home and log into my second life lol. I have played just about everyone MMO that has come out in a box and most of the ones that you can download. Now I find myself looking at the Game List everyday and say WOW what happen?

I remember when I first started playing FFXI and loved it. It had so many different classes and had dual classes. I just got burnt out on trying to lvl with groups all the time.

Then I played SWG. Man that was a game that really pushed the crafting area of a MMO. I loved it. You could solo anything and found myself exploring peoples homes for vendors or just on how they decorated their home. I have to say what really made SWG a great game was the community. The people you played with was awesome. Well we all know what happen to that game :(

I started to play WOW and got about 2 months in after release and didnt really care for it, so I moved onto EQ2 and enjoyed that. It didnt have anything real special but it had a decent community and the crafting wasnt bad. I ended up going back to WOW because my buddies were playing. Well I lvled to 60 on multiple characters and raided with the horde and ally. But got bored again so left and was in search for a new MMO.

I should have seen it coming at that time that they started to die but I dont think I wanted to believe it. This is when I started to bounce all over the place to fill that hole. And yet again found myself going back to WOW because my buddies were playing. BC was released and it was nice for a new look of areas. So I played for awhile and thought I was good to go but got bored after raiding just about everything and seen that all the raiding content was being pugged.

So I past by several new games because I thought WOTLK was going to get me out of the bored em that I was having once again. So Finally Lich King released and I started to play and was excited once again but found that Blizzard started to make things easier then it already was. I just feel taht Blizzard is so afraid to loose people so they just keep making the game easier. Which I can understand when you own 50% of the market. I mean they are the Walmart of the MMO's.

So I ask myself the question, are MMO's dying?

I think they are. I think my fellow gamers are wanting that new revolutionary game b/c people will go out and buy them but they always are released way to early and the companies want to hurry and make that quick buck and try to beat Blizzard. That strategy worked when it was only EQ, UO and a few titles were on the market but I dont feel it can work these days. The gamers is what makes or breaks games and we tell them over and over again that they are rushing these games. I really hope some of the new game companies listen to their communities for once. I mean just look at Sony(lol I know everyone talks about Sony) they never listen to their community and they have lost alot of their clients due to poor strategy towards up coming titles.

For my closing, I hope that someone will think outside the box and when they do, they take their time and atleast release a decent game and not an alpha level product. Also look at bringing back some of the old school stuff like player housing and player cities out on maps like SWG, great crafting and some good gameplay. Even if its like WOW just add to their ideas b/c what I see is that Blizzard is content with what they have and its a great idea but I would like someone to take it to the next level. Please comment b/c I feel there is more people that have the same thoughts on this.

Thank you for listening :)

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